Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Copper Canyon is about to start the production process for What's Written on the Body. This includes final revisions before the book goes to the copy-editors, choosing cover art, pre-publication PR (updated bio and photo, book description in 200 words, pre-pub blurbs, quotes from past reviews of the first book, etc etc). I am so excited! But also anxious. I think it is the idea of the book being done, and that there is no turning back — it is what it is — that is scary for me. I suppose it might be what it feels like to send a child off to school for their first day, how you want them to look good and be treated well, and to make friends and have a good time, and to not be picked on. And hopefully to do well and learn something. Such expectations!

But, seriously, reading over the manuscript again this week, after having not looked at it for a few months, I am pretty happy with it. Spring 2007 seems both a long way off, and just around the corner. Posted by Picasa


Sam of the ten thousand things said...

That is great news Peter. Good for you. Hope the experience goes well.

C. Dale said...

I'm in the same boat over here. Final ms. is off. Cover is in process. Need to scan author photo. Remembering now that feeling of having to let go. I don't like that feeling very much.

Collin said...

Spring 2007 will be here before you know it. We need to get you out to Atlanta for a reading...or maybe something while you're at AWP.