Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tagged by Sam

Here’s the tag:

"Name five poetry collections . . . . Collections that, for whatever reason, should be a bit off the beaten path. And need not have caused the earth to open and swallow you whole." Here's five from off my bookshelf, off the beaten path, that one time or another impressed me:

Terms to Be Met, George Bradley
Ghost Letters, Richard McCann
What the Ice Gets, Melinda Mueller
Falling Out of the Sky, Deborah Pope
Tremolo, Spencer Short
The Love-Suicides at Sonezaki, Siri von Reis
Following Fred Astaire, Nathalie F. Anderson

I know. It is more than five. But what the heck.

How many of them do you know?



Pamela said...

I admit woeful ignorance in knowing only the work of Spencer Short.

All five of my choices are on my desk (and blog) reproaching me.

garylmcdowell said...

I'm a big fan of Richard McCann's work. He read here in Bowling Green last semester. Great guy.