Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everybody. Today I rounded on newborns, then came home to plant some brocoli, cauliflower, and Walla Walla sweet onions with Dean. I think they are about to have an Easter egg hunt in the park across the street. Someone is blowing a little bugle or something, and little kids are squealing and laughing and running around. I don't quite get it: why does the Easter Bunny deliver Easter eggs? Shouldn't it be the Easter Chicken?


Kahtleen Flenniken has a wonderful review of Famous in the lastest issue of Bloomsbury Review. You go girl!


jenni said...

"rounded on newborns"

--for some reason that made me laugh.

Happy Easter Peter and Dean.

Pamela said...

I actually have written an essay on this Wascally Wabbit phenomenon: From Easter to Estrace. The rabbit and the egg are both fertility symbols, as both are super-fecund (like the goddess Eostre,from which the words Easter, estrus, and estrogen originate). At least your patients don't get pregnant again while the first fetus is still in utero. (If that had happened to me, it would have been Kill the Wabbit for sure).

Peter said...

Pamela: that is really funny. I didn't know the connection. Did you find a way to work in the term "the rabbit died" as it was used for positive pregnancy tests in the old days?