Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'll be reading with Alice Derry in Pouslbo this Sunday, for the Jewelbox Reading series. If you are in the area, I hope you can come down!

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007
@ 3:00 PM
Jewel Box Theatre.
225 Iverson Street
Poulsbo, WA

Admission is free.

Full info here.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad Ms. Derry doesn't write more of herself. I know folks say that her stuff is personal, but it's dry... She is definately not a "dry" person. I think the woman has a lot more passion and is hiding it. Yes, she has wonderful love, family, great place to live, thinks a lot of others. She doesn't express a whole lot of inner soul mistakes or DEEP learning experiences. She shows an awkward, frustrated, supressed passion and a strong desire to show it.

I'd have a lot more understanding of her poetry if she would stop hiding behind flat entertainiment and have some courage to show some pain. Drop technique a bit and show the art. She doesn't seem to have any trouble writing about feeling other's pain. Where's the REAL pain she's had to overcome... It's as though she has ballanced more importance on entertaining her audience than expressing herself.

People who seem to expose the most have the most to hide. Time to get "real" Alice. Being cute and pretty is nice to look at, but you have to show the conflict. Being cute and pretty in your writing is redundant. Inner peace only comes with inner truth. Be the artist you are and not the artisan. Leave the artisan for your students who are only learning and imitating you.

This might bite a little, but it's honest and I hope you can respect that. It's meant to be constructive. I wouldn't even bother if I had no interest at all in what you do.