Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Seattle Times Poetry Feature - Click on this

Yesterday, Susan Rich and I, as well as poets Mark Halperin, Judith Roche, and Richard Wakefield, were featured in the Seattle Times for National Poetry Month.
Check it out here.

You can also listen to recordings we made of poems by clicking on each of our names on the right of the article. I read "Anagrammer" and "Dream of the Cancer Cure." (The latter is for my sister, and for you, C Dale).

The Seattle Times is looking at the response to this, in deciding if they will do more poetry features. So every "click" counts, if you know what I mean (hint hint).



Laine said...

Hey, how come no one told us Peter has a beautiful man voice?

Justin Evans said...


I listened to the poems and the explanations and I was really impressed with your voice, Peter.

Thank you for the links!

Anonymous said...

Yes, he does have a nice man voice, except when he sounds like a little girl. No,seriously, I love to hear him read and I have heard him read many times. He is my favorite poet.

Anne said...

I'll agree with Laine and go one better: I just contacted NPR and told them they really need to put you on Weekend Edition Sunday as a complement to the Will Shortz puzzle thingie! Come on, how perfect would that be? :)

(Anyone else reading this: you can go to http://www.npr.org/about/pitch/story.html and suggest it, too!)

Peter said...

L., J., Anon: *blush*

Anne: Thank you! I love that show.

Collin said...

Great readings, Peter! Congrats.