Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm on my last day of ten days in a row on-call. It's been fairly mellow (knock on wood). The pager hasn't gone off *too often* in the middle of the night.

I remember the days when pagers used to just "beep." Now they can buzz, purr, tinkle, whistle, play the Marseilles, or anything else you want. They can also receive or send text messages, be linked to voicemail or mobile phone, search the news on the internet, do your laundry or pick up your dry cleaning. It's really kind of ridiculous.

I also remember being on-call in the days before cell phones (yes I really am *that old*). We used to tape a quarter to our pager, so that we always had one in case we needed to return a call. Good times. Good times.


Last night Dean and I attended the Seattle Pro Musica Auction. What an entertaining evening! Good performances, tons of fun stuff up for bid, including gourmet dinners, trips, artwork, jewelry, books. They ply you with free drinks and wine to loosen your wallet. I ended up bidding on a trip to San Diego, of all places, and got a great deal. I guess that's where Dean and I are going next winter!


Rebecca has a concert today. I am hoping to attend. More about it here.

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