Saturday, February 18, 2006

There's Fever in the Funkhouse Now

Rolling Stones, live in concert in Rio, right now, right here.How do Mick and his guys do it? OMG.

It's Only Rock & Roll (But I Like It)

If I could stick my pen in my heart
I'd spill it all over the stage
Would it satisfy ya or would slide on by ya?
Or would you think this boy is strange?
Ain't he strayayange?
If I could win you
if I could sing you
a love song so divine.
Would it be enough for your cheating heart
If I broke down and cried? -
If I criyiyied.

I said I know
it's only rock and roll
But I like it.
I said I know
it's only rock and roll
But I like it
like it
yes I do.

If I could stick a knife in my heart
Suicide right on the stage
Would it be enough for your teenage lust?
Would it help ease your pain?
Ease your brain
if I could dig down deep in my heart
Feelings would flood on the page
Would it satisfy ya
would it slide on by ya?
Would you think the boy's insane?
He's insayayane.


Kells said...

Thanks for the link, Peter.

It still amazes me what the Internet can do-- I tuned in to see them perform "You can't always get what you want..." It could only been better if it was Beast of Burden.

Mick is wearing a Brazil tshirt and Keith Richard has his headband on and it looking like the rock and roll version of Isaac Mizrahi.

Peter said...

It was a pretty amazing show, at least what I saw of it. And I loved how Mick Jagger's shirt kept creeping up and exposing his abs. To be in that good of shape at that age, one can only hope.

Kells said...

Yes, his shirt kept doing that at the Super Bowl halftime as well. 62 and a nice set of abs. Really, he amazes me. The anti-drug and alcohol people must despise this group. ;-)