Thursday, February 16, 2006


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What a fun episode of Project Runway last night I squealed with delight when I heard Iman would be a guest judge. She is amazing. A DIVA. But where was the David?

My favorite, Nick, got the boot last week (boo-hoo!). Now there are only three left. Santino is annoying and conceited, but probably the most original of the remaining contestants. I like Chloe, but she always plays it way too safe (except for the dress made of leaves: wow!). My money is on Daniel to win.

Imagine doing a "Poetry Runway" show. Where the contestants are given a different challenge for a poem to write each week, then perform their new poem for a panel of famous poet judges. Each poem/poet gets critiqued on the spot by the panel, and each week one poet is eliminated. The winner gets money ($100k), a book deal with Knopf, six months of psychotherapy, and is named the "Poetry Runway Laureate" for a year. Now, wouldn't *that* be a fun show to watch?


Collin said...

That sounds fun! We're doing a show here in Atlanta next month with some well known poets called "Karaoke Poetry." Poets will submit the two pieces that are their "signature" work and another poet will read it on stage. We're excited about the show and it's a great way to explore other poets' work. And it should be a sceam to hear someone else reading "Why I Want to Be Pam Grier." :)

Radish King said...

Six months of psychotherapy, snort.

Peter, your new floors are GORGEOUS. Thank you. I owe you a night on the town, soon.

Peter said...

Rebecca: So good to see you (and to know you are on the mend)! I loved it when you said the living room-dining room smelled like a violin-maker's shop.

Lana Hechtman Ayers said...

What about a case of Jack Daniels for each of the losers?

Ivy said...

Oh, the angst! Could power a small country.