Saturday, February 04, 2006

One Man's Ceiling Is . . .

First there was all the rain, about 12 inches in January alone. Along with that, there was also over 14 feet of snow in the mountains. NOW they are forecasting 60 mile an hour winds for today. It was pretty windy last night, and the power went out for a couple hours. It might go out again today, or be out tomorrow for the Superbowl. GASP! ~grin~

And to top it off Dean and I are in the middle of needing to move all of our furniture out of the main floor of the house and into the basement this weekend, because we are having the hardwood floors refinished, starting Monday. It's a process that takes a week, during which we cannot live in our house, because of the dust and the fumes. Rather than impose on friends or neighbors, we have decided to rent a room in a hotel in Pioneer Square downtown, and we'll live like tourists for a week: eat out, go to the Market, visit the Art Museum, other places downtown. Maybe even ride that stupid green trolley or the Ugly Duck Boat.

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