Thursday, February 09, 2006


The floors should be done tomorrow, and we'll be able to move back in Saturday. If the fumes are too bad we may have to stay here another day. The hotel isn't bad. It was built in 1913-14, still has a lot of the original woodwork and doors and stair-railings, the high ceilings (were people taller in the old days?). The bathrooms have been updated, thank god, and are pretty spacious. The only problem is there is not an associated restaurant with the hotel, so there is no room service. Not midnight BLT or early morning breakfast in bed. Oh well. There is a continental breakfast at a cafe on the main floor. And a Tulleys and a Starbucks on the same block. So we are not suffering mightily.

Poetry group last night was good: a variety of poems about Japanese fairy tales, nuclear waste, flip-books, unpregnant women, dancing. There is always the question of who goes first when we workshop the poems. Usually the host decides who is first, and we go around in a circle from there. Last night we decided to go in alphabetical order by middle name. So it was: Elisabeth, Hall, Kevin, Lyall, Martin. Three of those five middle names belong to women. Can you guess who is who?


Anne said...

In my group the host generally decides who goes first -- but the host always goes last. We usually get punchier as we go on, so sometimes I feel bad for whoever goes last. :)

Kells said...

Hall (I know her) ;-)
Elisabeth (given)
Lyall - my next guess.

the unpregnant women poem sounds intriguing...

Diane K. Martin said...

In our poetry group, we ask for volunteers to go first, and there's only one rule: it's never me.

We then proceed around the circle.