Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hot Music Vids and Robin Pics

I saw these two music videos on Logo last night, and thought they were great. Apparently Colton Ford is a former gay porn star (surprised?) turned Club DJ turned Pop Music Diva wanna-be. Talk about sellin' it! I love this video. The song: so so.

And then this one, "Do U" from Sir Paul. Is he his own twin? Or is this a second person?

Finally: as several of you have asked: some pics of the baby robins. The nest is in a hard place to photograph, but I think you will be able to make out the three little sets of beaks and eyes.

Here's momma sitting on them.

Here is one of the newly hatched pink wiggly things from about ten days ago.

The original nest, seen from below.


Collin said...

I see Colton Ford is still doing porn, even in his music video. I think the Do U song has a catchy beat but those lyrics are cringe-inducing. I think he's one guy with a split screen. If not, then there's a whole incestuous vibe things that's a little creepy.

Pamela said...

Great photos...

Peter said...

C: Yes I thought it was fascinating that both vids had the singer interacting with a split-camera image of himself. A self-conscious statement about extreme narcissism?