Thursday, June 05, 2008

Have a Cigar!

We had at least three baby robins hatch yesterday, in the nest outside our living room window. The little birds are amazing: about the size of a finger, all pink and wrinkly, with huge eyes, and gaping mouths, with little yellow lines that must be the beak.
It looks like maybe one or two of the five eggs did not hatch (or perhaps they are still to come?). But it is hard to tell exactly, as the clutch makes this little roiling mass at the bottom of the nest.
The mother still sits on the nest much of the day. Which makes sense, as it is cold as hell still (for June) and raining (this is Seattle, after all), and these little things look pretty fragile.
Still no crows in sight. Fingers crossed.



Collin said...

Glad the birdies are hatching. It was so hot here in Atlanta today I wanted to die. I'd love some cool weather again.

Premium T. said...

Yay baby robins! (I've been on the edge of my seat, waiting for an update.)