Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dean and I saw Get Smart last night. What a gumdrop of a movie! We were both big fans of the TV show from years ago, and I think this Steve Carell vehicle did it proud. The plot is beside the point (but let me just say the scenes shot in Russia are gorgeous!) It's all about the jokes. Anne Hathaway is great as 99, as is Alan Arkin as the Chief. Dwayne Johnson as Agent 23 seems a little out of place here. Bill Murray pulls a great but too-brief cameo as Agent 13 stuck in a tree post. Terrence Stamp plays a deliciously evil Kaos agent. James Caan is spot on as a dumbass President GW Bush (though it is never stated, it is quite obvious, given his need to always ask "What does the Vice President think?"). Patrick Warburton comes in way too late as a terrific robot Hymie. I think I feel a sequel coming on.

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