Sunday, June 08, 2008

Not Even Close

Got up early to watch the French open final, hoping for a dramatic five-setter. But it was over almost before it started, as Nadal simply annihilated Federer one, three, and love. My oh my.

It was fun to see Bjorn Borg sitting in the stands, and then on stage handing out the winning trophy. Even kissing Raffa on the cheek! I remember watching Borg play in his prime. He was in great shape then, and now he is a handsome tanned silver-haired retiree. How time flies.


Pamela said...

I remember Borg's glory days, too. One interesting thing was seeing McEnroe and Borg on clay together--where they'd never met before at the French.

I expected Nadal to win in straight sets, but not to close it out in l'oeuf.

Andrew Shields said...

I am a huge Federer fan (I live in his hometown, after all), but I was too fascinated by the level Nadal was at on Sunday to be upset about RF losing! It reminded me of Federer beating Hewitt at the US Open a few years ago, or Kuerten's love set against Corretja to close out one of his French titles (he won the first 23 points before blowing three match points!), or Rafter's final set against Rusedski at the US Open (only one unforced error). Brilliant stuff!

Anne said...

I don't think Nadal was competing against Federer at all, in his mind. I think he was competing against something even bigger. Against the Idea of Perfect Tennis, maybe. I like Federer, but Nadal was so far "in the zone" that the zone pretty much ceased to exist except for him.

I would have felt disappointed by how one-sided the match was, but seeing someone playing that well is always just an amazing thing.