Thursday, June 12, 2008

"We are seeing a historic hydrological event taking place with unprecedented river levels occurring," said Brian Pierce, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Davenport. "We're in uncharted territory - this is an event beyond what anybody could even imagine." I feel sorry for the Midwest. Really.


Beautiful afternoon in Seattle today. Maybe summer really is on its way? We'll see.


The baby robins are getting huge! The parents swoop in with worms to drop in their mouths, and the three of them arch up in unison and grab for the wigglers with their beaks. Very aggressive and fierce and demanding now! We have noticed the baby birds, after taking a mouthful of worms, will then poke their butts in the air and produce a glistening round egg-like white glob (their shit?). Which the mother gobbles up in her beak and eats! And flies away. Ick! Gross!!


Today we put footies on the pears. Over 200 so far. A good crop despite the weather. The basil looks pathetic. We are going to have to replant it. But the beans and the tomatoes and the corn and the squash and the cukes are fine. All we need now is some solid days of sun.


Busy with work. Busy with meetings with financial advisors. No time for poems. Maybe this weekend?


Celtics beat Lakers and are up 3-1. RIGHT ON! (PS: I *hate* Kobe Bryant).


Premium T. said...

Thanks for the robin update. I've been wondering!

Diane K. Martin said...

Robin pics?

Collin said...

Oh, yes pics please!

So sad about what's happening in Iowa. And Tim Russert.

Pamela said...

Go, Celtics! I loved the Lakers pre-Kobe, but no more love for them now.

If I had a dolmen of dornicks, I'd lob them at Mr. Bryant. (Not a poem, but I did use the word. I think hitting him with rocks would be a little too OT a punishment for him, though).