Thursday, March 13, 2008

SDSU and YouTube Poetry vids

I had a great time reading in San Diego. I stayed at the Sofia downtown: a newly remodeled old hotel (used to be called the Pickwick). A teeny-tiny room, but gorgeous and comfortable, with a live potted orchid and comfy queen bed and flat screen TV. The attached restaurant, The Currant, was pricey, but excellent food. So, if you are traveling to SD, I'd say two thumbs up for the Sofia. (Gawd this feels like a hotel review).

Had a lovely dinner with VF before the reading. We are so simpatico in terms of politics and life-view. The reading was fairly well-attended (especially given that Tracy Kidder was reading on campus at the same time). I read some new stuff, and then from the two books. The MFA and CW students asked great questions after: one thread had something to do with Borges, Kabala, wordplay, and Portuguese-Jewish heritage, and how some of my writing, particularly the anagram stuff, reminded the student of Borges. I am going to have to research Borges' life story now (I love his stories and poems).

Up early now for a morning flight home. Wish I could have stayed longer.


Speaking of anagrams: I was self-googling (I know, I know . . . but tell me you don't do it too), and I found two YouTube videos of my poem "Anagrammer," made by students (I think). They're pretty fun! Check 'em out here:


Radish King said...

Peter, these are just totally cool. Also, glad to know you are still a living poet.

Kelli said...

Wow, these were great. You must be so flattered. How wonderful!

(This is much better than finding a bad review when self-googling!) ;-)

thanks for sharing these.

Alfred Corn said...
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Michael Dylan Welch said...

Fun videos, and yes, must be flattering! I'm curious how you feel about the legalities of someone publicly using your work like this? Obviously, it's attributed, but technically, this is not fair use. But then, the Internet, especially YouTube, is challenging that notion. What do you think?

Peter said...

Hmmmm. I don't really have a problem with it. Anything that gets the work out in the public is fine, I think.

CCP might have a different opinion. . . . I'll ask them.

Collin said...

Very cool videos. Usually on Billy Collins and dead people get stuff like this. You're a living legend! ;-)