Saturday, March 01, 2008

Dean and I went with K and S to see La Compania Nacional de Danza last night at Meany. Wow. What a great show. One of the best of the last few years, I think. There were three pieces: "Castrati" which was an all-male dance, full of strong and gymnastic movements, with the men dressed alternately in these Matrix-inspired long coats, or in very gender-bending girdles, while all the while the very high-pitched notes of a castrati singing in the background. "Gnawa" was a very sensuous and romantic piece, danced mostly by male-female couples, with Morrocan inspired music. And the last piece "White Darkness" was the best: supposedly about addiciton and desire, ending with a stunning image of the lead dancer standing in a spotlight as a sheet of fine white sand gently cascades down on her, and she slowly collapses. Bravo!

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Collin said...

They are coming to Atlanta. This write up makes me want to go see them now. Cheers!