Sunday, March 23, 2008

The F***ing Miracle of Life

Saturday was postively Spring-like (finally). The baby bok choy I planted two weeks ago is up (wheee!), a nice little row of teeny tiny sprouts that I will thin in another week or two. Dean and I spent the morning and early afternoon preparing the beds, and planting lettuces (romaine, butter, red oak leaf, green leaf, mesclun mix, etc) and spinach. Some from seed, and some from starts. I know, starts are cheating, but I don't care, I want to get some fresh salad ASAP!

We covered it all with some fine netting, because there a few cats in the neighborhood that think our raised beds are merely high-end out-door litterboxes. The netting keeps them away fairly well, but sometimes I have been know to hiss, yell, throw things, and spray water in their general direction. I have not yet used the bee-bee gun (that is for the squirrels). But I think these cats (and their owners if they are reading this) should perhaps maybe consider themselves warned.

We also divided and replanted the Angel's Fishing Rod, so we could have one near the bird bath. As well as this plant we can't remember the name of, which was a little overgrown and dead in the middle. Now it is three smaller plants.

Today, if it stops raining, I may cut back the wisteria (it is already setting buds). If it doesn't stop raining I may just sit inside all day and watch the NCAA tournament games and eat pita chips and salsa. Or maybe create my own little "In Treatment" marathon on HBO. Don't you just love that show?


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RJGibson said...

Ah. Yes. The springing of spring. Huzzah.

I noticed that some container plants I let winter over are starting to throw up little leaves. My laziness bears fruit and becomes thrift.

I need to look up this Angel's Fishing Rod and see what it is. The name's evocative.

I also need to get started on tomatoes.