Friday, March 16, 2007

Wow. What an amazing spring-like day today. I worked a half-day in clinic (nothing major: diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, a sebacious cyst, asthma attack, a baby with pneumonia, a newborn circ that no-showed). Then I came home and worked in the yard with Dean. We divided the coreopsis and veronica and crocosmia lucifer, then dug out a dead witch hazel and replaced it with an osmanthus. Relayed hoses. Divided and moved the artichoke. We have several starts from the above sitting in pots and bags for our friend Jeff C., who just moved into a new house and wants some plants for his garden. It was so warm outside I was wearing only a tee-shirt most of the afternoon (with pants and boots of course, you silly). Ahh . . . the light right now is amazing. I'm really looking forward to a good spring and a good summer.

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aka Leonardo Likes Gulls said...

We did the same thing. I pulled out the patio furniture and had dinner on the deck! Lovely day!