Monday, March 26, 2007

Carolyn Forche reads tonight at Seattle Arts & Lectures. I work late, so will have to scoot on over as soon as I get out of clinic. Maybe stop at Ten Mercer for a bite beforehand. Rebecca: are you going? I just know CF is going to read from some of that 24 page abecedarian from Blue Hour.


Yay Georgetown! Little John, Little Pat, it was like a Waltons episode, wasn't it? And MJ wouldn't take Father Pat's cell call to rub it in. Ahhh.

I am pulling for UCLA to represent.


After several weeks, months, years of hinting that I wanted one, Dean and I finally went out to City People's Garden and got a Star Magnolia. It's only about three feet tall right now, with just a few blossoms, but I am hoping it fills out nicely. I love Star Magnolias. They are often one of the first things to bloom around here. And the white flowers are just breathtaking. Especially amid a dusting of spring snow or frost.


Pamela said...

Will you please let me know if you can get anything to grow around the roots of your star magnolia? Harvey has vetoed regular magnolias, which I love, because they leave a large bare patch around the trunk/root system. I am looking for a sneaking compromise.

Radish King said...

Peter, I won't be going tonight, no tix this year. I can't wait to hear about though. So glad you finally got your star magnolia. You've been talking about it for years.

Anonymous the Younger said...

You've no idea how jealous I am. She is one of the few poets I cannot get enough of. Actually, quite attractive too.


Collin said...

The magnolias have been in full bloom here lately. Very pretty.

Montgomery Maxton said...

it's still bitterly cold in nyc.

i want a star magnolia.