Saturday, March 10, 2007

Watcha Doin' Sunday?

The official book release reading/reception for What's Written on the Body is tomorrow, at Open Books in Seattle. I can hardly wait to read in my hometown. The "Pineapple Express," a Hawaiian weather system that is expected to dump up to ten inches of rain in the mountains, is expected to hit about the same time. So, put on your rubbers, and come to the reading!

There is a reception after at Kathleen's house (directions at the reading), so make sure to come by & wet your whistle & have a bite, and help me celebrate the new book. See you there . . .

From Open Books website:
Sunday, March 11, 2007 at 03:00 PM
2414 N 45th St Seattle, WA 98103-6908

Peter Pereira draws on his life as physician, son, partner, gardener, and lover of language to create What's Written on the Body ($15 Copper Canyon Press), a richly textured collection that both moves and delights. At times the poems bubble with wordplay -- "I'm interested in the space between / detonation and denotation.. / How we know / whether to flee / or feel." At other times they unfold with a quiet grace -- "The patient was talking and I was not / hearing a sound. But I was listening and // I was there. I was standing beside and I was / listening with my hands." Though the work does not turn from life's darker moments of illness, death, cruelty, at its core this is a book of praise, pleasure, and love, generous in tone and spirit.

From Northwest Bookshelf:
WHAT'S WRITTEN ON THE BODY: Peter Pereira, Copper Canyon Press, 99 pages, $15. A Seattle poet, who is a family physician at the High Point Community Clinic in West Seattle, pens an accomplished second collection that ranges adroitly over a wide selection of subject matter, from the body and medicine to glimpses of various Northwest locales and his own life.

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