Friday, March 09, 2007

Some of the Stack of Books

from my recent journeys to ASU, AWP-land, and elsewhere (I never could walk by a bookstore/bookfair without a little indulging)

Mommy Knows Worst: Highlights from the Golden Age of Bad Parenting Advice, James Lileks (this is too funny)
Devious Derivations: Popular Misconceptions and More Than 1000 True Origins of Common Words and Phrases, Hugh Rawson (I love word stuff like this)
My One Night Stand With Cancer, Tania Katan
What Becomes You, Aaron Raz & Hilda Raz (a mother and son co-write the story of his FTM transition)
The Body Incognito, Cynthia Hogue (the title poem is the heart of the book, exploring illness and language)
Salt Water Amnesia, Jeffery Skinner (new from Ausable)
I Love Everybody (and other atrocious lies), Laurie Notaro (the bad girl of contemporary personal nonfiction)
Against Forgetting: 20th Cent Poetry of Witness (now I have a specially signed copy, yay!)
The End of the Alphabet, and Don't Let Me Be Lonely, Claudia Rankine
The Apparitioners, George Witte
Java Monkey Speaks, ed Collin Kelly and Kodac Harrison
Bloom 5
The Morning of Red Admirals, Robert Dana (I'd been looking for a book of his ever since I read a terrific poem in a recent Georgia Review issue)
Rift, Forrest Hamer (I really like the "Goldsboro Narrative" poems)
Annus Mirabilis, Sally Ball (terrific blendings of science and art)
Other Fugitives & Other Strangers, Rigoberto Gonzalez (I missed getting Rigo to sign for me at AWP. I *heart* "Papi Love." For daddy lovers everywhere.)
The Second Person, C Dale Young (many lovely manly love poems here)
Prairie Fever, Mary Biddinger (came in the mail today, yay!)

Happy reading



RJGibson said...

Peter: What a haul! Congrats. If you're a fan of the Lileks book--are you aware of his website? The gallery of regrettable food is marvelous. I'm also a big fan of the Interior Desecrations and Institute of Official Cheer.

Peter said...

RJ: that is a great site. Thanks for the link.

David Ingle said...

Thanks for the brief mention of The Georgia Review...hope you enjoy Bob Dana's book...he remains one of our favorites. Be on the lookout for our forthcoming Spring 2007 issue, which I have to say, being as unbiased as I can, is a real standout. The artwork alone will be worth the price of admission.

Wish us luck at the National Magazine Awards, coming up in less than two weeks...and send us some work sometime!

David Ingle
Assistant Editor
_The Georgia Review_