Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dean and I watched VCU beat Duke. Nothing could have made me happier tonight (well, almost nothing). Especially after Duke's Gerald Henderson's cheap shot last week to break the nose of North Carolina's Tyler Hansbrough, with only a few seconds left in a game Duke was losing by a mile. Duke players are over-rated whiners, bad losers, and underhanded dirty whimps, and deserved to get beat in the first round. GO VCU!


Pamela said...

I am still incensed over the UNC-Kentucky, Christian Laetner non-call for trampling a Wildcat player, so this was sweet sweet sweet as cotton candy and twice as satisfying.

VCU has my full and utter support until they start messing with my brackets. My son and I set up our office picks and I had this one right, which I think puts me in the minority in my virtual office.

Peter said...

Pamela: Best of luck with your brackets!