Sunday, August 27, 2006

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I've been reading lug your careless body out of the careful dusk, by Joshua Marie Wilkinson. It's a "poem in fragments" and won the Iowa Poetry Prize. I was intrigued by the interesting cover (see the vices on the knees), that Joshua grew up in Seattle ("Born and raised in Seattle's Haller Lake neighborhood . . ." which is very near our own Rebecca Loudon — must be something in the water there!), and that I recognized his name as someone Floating Bridge had published in one of our anthologies a couple of years ago (turns out a previous version of some of the fragments).

It's a really interesting book, very cinematic, I think, in that it sort of reads like you are watching a movie of short related/unrelated enigmatic scenes, that build by accumulation, rather than any linear story line. It's defintely a good read.

Here's a sample, from the section "Boy-Scatter, the Sleepier & the Sleepiest:"


If each story
depends upon the part
the teller forgets . . .

Boy-scatter, sleeping pill sleep.
A twisted out splinter from my neck in a dream.


One woman kicks another in the bus station waiting area,
racoons return through a crack in the fence.


Is that what you mean by forgiveness?
Didn't the sockets do their job?
Were you ready and dressed when they clicked open the trunk?


Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Thanks for the tip on this collection. I do want to read this one.

Pippi L. said...

Did you know you are famous today?