Sunday, August 13, 2006

Multi Function Antenna

Had a great time at the first PLU MFA graduation luncheon today. I was invited as a "friend of the program," and to say a few words. What a great group of people: Stan Rubin and Judith Kitchen are amazing, and were both just so happy to see their low-residency Rainier Writing Workshop dream come true with its first class of graduates. It was great fun to chat with the students (a few of whom are local friends), and some of the PLU faculty who were there, including old friend Sharon Bryan, and Peggy Schumacker, Steven Kuusisto, Kent Meyers (but I missed meeting Rick Barot, who does not teach in the low-res program, but whom I thought might be there). I sat with the Dean of Humanities (a really nice guy, an historical Jesus scholar, who has been very supportive of the program) and chatted a little about The Da Vinci Code and anagrams, of all things. Yummy lunch of poached salmon and green beans.

I felt a little odd speaking, as I do not have an MFA. But I think the remarks went over OK. I had researched on the web the top 42 definitions for "MFA," and had found some that were pretty funny, as well as some very prescient ones. My favorite: "Multi Function Antenna." And I used that as a jumping off point for saying a little about the writing life, and being a part of the community.


It's hot outside. The garden is loving it. We have tomatoes ripening, peppers & eggplants forming, and cantaloupes that are about 5 inches in diameter! Real cantaloupes. Oh-la-la.


Radish King said...

I ate my first garden ripe roma yesterday, had it for breakfast with a tiny bit of sea salt and nothing. Mmm.

Peter said...

Yum. I am so jealous.

Kells said...


You were wonderful! Your remarks were generous and witty-- MFA Many Funny Associations


Peter said...

Thanks Kel, you are so sweet!

Rick said...

Hi Peter--

I've been meaning to get in touch with you for, like, a year. I'm sorry I missed the MFA activities--I was supposed to go, but have been sick this past week. Let's please get together in the next few weeks--before school begins for me. I'm around, and I come into Seattle a lot. Be in touch: