Friday, October 28, 2005

That's Super

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First Madonna, and now Carson Kressley has a children's book out. I just love his campy humor on Queer Eye. And the story he has written sounds useful and instructive for children (hell, for everybody): Trumpet is a horse shunned by his friends when he "comes out" as a unicorn. But he returns to save the day for them all, by use of his unicorn horn, and they all learn to regret their prejudice. (And live gaily ever after). Illustrated by Jared Lee.

Could you imagine having Carson read you to sleep at night? Whee!


Emily Lloyd said...

Looks cute, but I wish Trumpet didn't have to save the day. I think of all the people who have told me "I thought gays were icky until I met you [or some other person]." I mean, what if I'd been in a crappy mood the day you met me? Gays would still be icky?

David McKee's Elmer is a picture book in which difference is truly celebrated...

Peter said...

Nice point Em.