Sunday, July 10, 2005

— for Frank O'Hara

Stop cellphoning while you drive!
I was toddling along and suddenly
at the corner of Denny and MLK a white
SUV pulled out right in front of me.
You said she stopped first but she
didn’t I was watching or if she did
it was a California and anyway
what a screech as I hit the brakes
hard. Who could she be meeting
in such a hurry that the laws
of traffic were like the sky?
I lower my window to give her
my best New Jersey salute and suddenly
I see the reason she has nearly killed us.
There is no cell phone in my car.
There is not even a CD player.
I have been on-call for weeks at a time
and needed to return plenty of pages
but I have never actually
cellphoned while I drive.
Dear caller we love you please hang up.


Anne said...

MUAHAHAHAHA! I love this.

Peter said...

Thanks Anne: as you can see, I've been tinkering with this little parody all day.

David Vincenti said...

I was going to complain about the phrase "New Jersey salute", but it might give away how little I know about Frank O'Hara, so I decided not to. But I took his selected works out of my books-bought-cheap-that-I-keep-meaning-to-get-to box.

Great piece at, by the way.

Radish King said...


Patty said...

HA! Love it!