Tuesday, July 26, 2005

More anagram fun

Tony, I couldn't resist:

The New Sincerity

Intense Witchery
Tiny New Heretics
In Thy Wise Center
Sneer Then, Icy Wit


Patty said...

Those are great! Here's my stab:

Sentience Hit Wry
Hence Write In Sty
Sincere New Thy It

Tony said...

thanks, peter and patty

can i steal this as slogans?

Peter said...

Tony: steal away! hehehe

Sculpin said...

Fun! My attempts:

Tiny secret whine
When I try it: scene.
Wry hens entice it
Cheesy intern wit
Yeech, inner twits!
I.e., wet strychnine

Rats -- "nice when I tryst" is so close, but no cigar.

(I have nothing against the New Sincerity. I just need some coffee.)

Sculpin said...


I try newest niche
Shiny! I went erect
Synthetic wiener