Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Roving Day

I had about 20 students for my "roving day" workshop today. It's a new thing at Centrum this year, where students go to a worksop session with any of the presenters in the morning, and then rotate to another one in the afternoon. I presented seven brief word play exercises (including anagrams, abecedarian, palindromes, Scrabble poem, Parody poem, and Tabloid poem) and let them pick one to work on for the session. The students were really enthusiatic and got right to it. Just about everybody got a decent start on a poem, if not a fully realized draft. And a good time laughing at the more humorous results.
My reading is tonight. I am sharing the bill with that hottie Irishman Michael Collins (who is sunbathing on the lawn outside his cottage as I write this). Ah . . . the visual on that, I will leave to your imagination.


Radish King said...

Just the fact of sun is enough to boggle one's mind. How did you pull that off? I miss you, Darling. Hurry home.

Lorna Dee Cervantes said...

thanks for the morning chuckle

I'd be there
but for the LL conference in Texas
I love Centrum
that's where I got on
this bus
would have loved
a workshop with you
some day
I'll catch a reading

Peter said...

Hi Lorna:
I didn;t know Centrum was where you "got on this bus."
I can hear the music.
Keep on truckin'