Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hocus Focus

What is Different Between These Pictures?

1. the field is less Montana and more Wyoming
2. all of the color seems drained from the sky
3. the mountain is a cloud
4. the person is a dot in the landscape
5. and no longer the center of attention
6. the moon is larger, and less ironic

1. either the man’s forehead is larger
2. or his hair is smaller
3. he is either shorter or fatter, it’s hard to say
4. there is an extra hole in the belt
5. time has not so much passed
6. as taken a him for (a beating) (a ride) (a holiday) (granted)

1. the tree’s twisted branches are the woman’s hair
2. the lawn seems more reluctant
3. the clump of daffodils is a doorway
4. the book she’s reading is a sandwich
5. the curlicue in the grass is the lost ring found
6. the lacquer on the lunchbox has begun to blister

1. the boat is sinking . . . no — the boat has sunk
2. the plume of steam on the ship is smaller, meaning farther
3. the island has more sand than trees
4. the elephant’s wrinkled eye is open
5. the bottle has a message in it
6. the e in breathe is silent

Bye for now . . . not sure how much internet access there'll be at Centrum.


C. Dale said...

Have fun at Centrum!

Suzanne said...

Wow. I loved this.

Have a great time!!

Radish King said...

Hurry back, honey, I miss you.
Who will I play with on Sunday now?

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!