Monday, May 30, 2005

How to Start a Writers Group

AD asked for tips about starting up a writers group. I wrote this article a while back, for a magazine that ended up not using it (so maybe the advice sucks? hehehe . . . you decide.)

How to Start (and Maintain) a Writers Group (I decided to go back and pare it down to just the bullets . . . if you want to see the full article, just let me know.):

1) Choose your genre
2) Advertise in appropriate places
3) Screen applicants
4) Do a telephone interview
5) Do a trial meeting
6) The ideal number of members is 6 to 8
7) A balance of members keeps a group interesting
8) Meet on a regular schedule
9) Meet in a comfortable place
10) Eat and drink together
11) Choose a process for reading work and giving critique
12) Have a time-keeper
13) Always begin the group with a check-in
14) Chose a name for your group
15) Have fun