Thursday, May 05, 2005

Centrum Port Townsend Writers Conference

Please excuse the self-promo:

This summer, I'll be leading a ten-day poetry workshop at the Centrum Port Townsend Writer's Conference , along with other faculty including:

Fiction: Rikki Ducornet, Michael Collins, Michelle Cliff;
Poetry: Kim Addonizio, myself, Bhanu Kapil;
Nonfiction: Lesley Hazelton;
Open enrollment (single class sessions) Fiction:Debra Magpie Earling; Poetry: Alberto Rios; Nonfiction: Paisley Rekdal;
and Visiting Writers (Will give readings and participate on panels, no workshops): Ilya Kaminsky, Amy Bloom

If you or anybody you know is looking for a fun writing retreat experience, I highly recommend Centrum. I have been there three times in the past 12 years, as a student, and now will be leading a workshop as faculty. There are still spots open, so feel free to go to the website to find out more, or pass this information along to your writing friends. At Centrum, there is a great mix of daily workshop, morning lectures, and evening readings; as well as plenty of free time to explore the beautiful surroundings, get some new writing done, or some existing writing revised.

In my workshop, we will take a serious look at your poems, as well as have fun experimenting with a few word play exercises (like you have seen here on the blog) designed to stimulate creativity and new writing. Go to the Centrum website for full details.


Anonymous Poet said...

A doctor and a poet? You are well-rounded. We need more people like that.

Turquoise said...

Hi Peter!

I am so glad I had the chance to see you read your poetry last Saturday at Burning Word! I was rivited! And when you weren't shocking my system with the doctor/body poems (O so visceral!)you were making me LAUGH. I immediately snatched up 1 of only 2 copies left of your book but couldn't locate you to sign it and introduce myself! Darn.

Great reading, wonderful to connect with a Northwest Poet who's work is so resonate and sublime.

My blog is at

Peter said...

Tourquiose: Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the reading. Nice blog, btw: I see you are linked with my buddy Eduardo, among others.