Monday, May 02, 2005

Burning Word redux

Burning Word was fun. Sam Hamill received a lifetime achievement award, and gave a nice reading from his New & Selected. The house was packed for his reading, and I think he really appreciated the recognition.
Floating Bridge did OK at the book table. Not great. But it was fun to see people, and chit chat. Copper Canyon was there, and Cranky, Fine Madness, Pongo, Wood Works, Rose Alley. And, of course, Ravenna Press with Rebecca signing Tarantella (wonderful picnic basket!)
My reading went pretty well I think (I had fun giving it, at least, lol). And I enjoyed hearing many of the other readers. Quite a variety from slam to confessional to academic and everything in between. And a fair amount of cultural diversity as well.
There was good food (especially the bruschetta with prosciutto) and wine tasting ($2 for four tastes . . . what a deal). I'd go again, I think.

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