Sunday, July 27, 2008


Check out an audio of "Fugue" at the Poetry Foundation website. Perhaps I "over-explained" a bit at the outset. But I'm happy with how it turned out.


And while you are at it, also check out this mildly horrifying but funny in its own way blog and You Tube video, of Christian Missionaries using "Anagrammer." My oh my.


Had a lovely dinner with B & E outside in the garden last night, grilled lamb and orzo and salad and bread and wine, and little raspberry tarts made with freshly picked berries. Sat up late talking outside on deck chairs. Bob (who recently turned 80) is going to teach English in Russia for a semester this winter. (I hope I am still that active when I am that age.) We said goodnight not long before the rain and thunderstorms came.


A poem accepted by Prairie Schooner, "Lingua Franca," will appear in a special Portuguese-American section, sometime next year. Yay! And thank you to David Oliveira.



RJGibson said...

Lovely reading.

As for the video...I lasted 35 seconds. I can't imagine the whole 7 minutes.

Kelli said...

Hi Peter,

I thought the CM video was cute. (Spoiler Alert--- I fast-forwarded to the end where they cut his hair -which went to locks of love). Anyway, I thought was it very sweet how your poem inspired them.

CONGRATS on the PS acceptance!!


Jon said...

Mr. Peireira,
This is Jon, the guy in the video. I just learned of your blog today when looking at some referral addresses. If we were out of line using your poem as a jumping off point without your permission, I apologize. I didn't know how to get a hold of you to ask permission. Although the guy using the camera didn't get it, we acknowledged your poem before we started our act.
That poem of yours is one of my favorites. For the longest time, I wanted to write a poem using anagrams. Then, I found your poem, the poem I always wanted to write. It's amazing. Thank you for writing it.