Saturday, July 12, 2008

Busy weekend so far. Went to Mother Courage last night at Youngstown Arts in Delridge. What an amazing play! The older woman who played Mother Courage was terrific. She just chewed up every scene. What great lines BB has written for her character. A cynic, a Cassandra, a pain in the butt, but you love her.

Worked Saturday clinic: saw 16 patients from 8:30-1:30. Not too busy. Our clinic is really the United Nations of Healthcare. I saw people from Cambodia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Somalia, Philippines, Mexico, Albania, and, of course, all variety of Americans. Babies, middle-age, teens, elderly, and in-between. Such fun. It is what I love most about my job.

Then went with Dean to a birthday party in Greenwood for my friend Leroy, who just turned 60. Leroy and I have been friends since I was a medical student at UW in the mid-80's. We met on the bus riding back and forth from UW to Capitol Hill. Good times.

Then Dean and I attended our neighbors Dana & Jim's wedding in the Bradner Gardens across the street. Such a lovely ceremony. So simple and so beautiful. With all the plants and flowers in bloom. Friends and neighbors. So hot! Almost 90 degrees I think. We all had little fans to shade our heads with. In the middle of the vows, a hummingbird lit on the bridal bouquet for a few seconds, hovered, tweeted twice, then flew away.

Need to get ready for Centrum. Looking forward to hanging out with other writers, and perhaps getting some work done on the "sonnet" sequence.

more later . . .


Premium T. said...

I love your tiny patch of corn. Sigh. Missing Seattle. (But not for long!)

Collin said...

Glad you went to see Mother Courage. I knew you'd love it.