Sunday, July 13, 2008

High Summer

This is the best time of year in the garden. I am just lovin' it.
Some pics to give you an idea:


Collin said...

Love the photos, esp. the one of you looking all satisfied and barefoot in the garden. :)

Justin Evans said...

Wonderful pics. Wonderful flowers!

RJGibson said...

Lovely flowers. What are those astonishingly tall red ones in the last picture?

I'm having rhizome envy.

Peter said...

RJ: they are Crocosmia "Lucifer," one of my favorites.
I can mail you some corms next time we divide them (in the fall). Very easy to grow, and the hummingbirds love 'em.

RJGibson said...

Wow. My crocosmia don't do anything like that. They're lucky to hit 14". Do let me know when you divide them. I love my saffron/citron crocosmia--but they're nothing on the "lucifer"