Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anne Waldman gave a terrific performance last night. I especially enjoyed her reading of "Stereo" from Marriage, A Sentence. Her John Cage stuff was a little out there for my taste. But it was fascinating to hear all the singing. Sort of like when a priest sings the words at a mass, except she was more like a priestess or a witch, singing spells.


Joan Larkin gave a reading the night before, from her new and selected My Body. Also some new work, a novel written in sonnets, which was really very funny, not at all what I was expecting from high-fallutin sonnets. I stayed after to have her sign a book, and thank her again for taking a poem of mine for Bloom a while back. It was good to finally meet her in person.


I am getting a ton of drafting done on my "Expedition" poems. I was totally on a roll yesterday. I got something written for all 14 poems. Some more than others, but still. Very raw, very wild, but I see the whole series taking shape, and I like where it is going, what I am discovering, what the character are revealing to me. Maybe because I am so close to the sea here -- ships sailing, gulls crying, salt air and tides -- and there is that connection?


I think my first line breaks lecture/workshop went over well. Several people who missed it have asked for the handout. I hope today's goes as well. It is a different lecture/workshop, and perhaps a bit more "academic" than the first, looking at the "kinetics" and "emotion/affect" of line breaks/line endings. We'll see . . .


Met a fellow blogger at the Anne Waldman after-party: Saint Nobody from NY. What a hoot, Amy! We gossiped about all of you out there in the blogosphere. Especially RK.


PS: went to Jeannine's Haiku and Haibun workshop and had a gas. Wrote my first Haibun. Thanks Jeannine!


Amy said...

YAY, Peter! I'm so glad we met in the "real" world. Yes, RK rocks! She does!

Oliver de la Paz said...

Centrum sounds like a lot of fun! I'm glad the weather's cooperating, too.

I'm especially glad that you're so productive with "Expedition."

jeannine said...

You were wonderful! Thanks for coming to the class - and I enjoyed your line breaks class too!