Monday, May 05, 2008

Palm Springs is hot as hades. Dry. Desert. Cactus. I think I have not put on socks the entire time I have been here! Just shorts and sandals and tee shirt kind of weather. Our friends have a lovely home with a pool. I could just float and look at the blue sky forever.

My reading at the Palm Springs Book Fest was interesting. The "poetry Tent" was under a kind of clock tower. Lots of local small press stuff, and the local poetry peeps hanging out. As I was reading a huge gust of wind came up at knocked over the little music stand podium. Books and papers went flying. Then the pages of my book were fluttering, and I had to hold them down with both hands to read. But despite that, it was a fun reading. An enthusiastic but small audience. And they seemed to like the work.

Later we stopped by a couple panels that were happening in the GLBT tent. An interesting one about the future of gay publishing, with Felice Picano, and others. An interesting young guy (can't remember his name right now) with a new book called The End of the World Book, where he takes each letter of the alphabet and does words/definitions for each (I think L is "Lust"), and tells a story as if in the form of an encyclopedia. It sounded fascinating. I wish I would have bought a copy: I'll have to look for it online later.

We're off to day to take a driving tour of the valley, then do a hike at a nature preserve, and after lunch go up on the tram to the top of the mountains. Wheee!




Christopher Hennessy said...

End of the World Book -- Alistair McCartney, Tim Miller's beau.

Peter said...

Thanks Christopher.
His partner was on the panel as well. What a gay power couple!

KATE EVANS said...

That book sounds great--I'm gonna check it out. Thanks!

Collin said...

I'm checking that book, too.

Sounds like a great festival and a good vacation, too. Have fun!