Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Know a Poet Who Wants a Broadside?

From Susan Rich:


Broadside Press has an ongoing call for poets to submit work - formerly published is fine. When the poem is accepted, they send it out to a list of visual artists they work with until someone "nabs it" in order to create a visual image inspired by the poem. Once that is done, they look for "vectors" who volunteer to post the poems all around their town. The broadsides are downloaded in color or black and white from the web site and are archived on the web site as well.

I love the activist component of this project. There is nothing that says you can't be a poet one month and a vector, the next. If my explanation is a bit unclear, just check out the web site to learn more or submit your work."

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Martha Silano said...

Wow, Peter--there's so much going on in your life! Palm Springs, mama robins, your poem "Her Name is Rose" on the Poetry Foundation website (congratulations!!!).

When I hear "catch a falling knife," I'm reminded of Donne's "Go, catch a falling star." Maybe just as risky, though I'd rather catch a star any day.