Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Back home and back to the working week. I sometimes dread it the night before -- the full schedule of patients, the inbox full of emails and tasks, the stack of charts to answer -- but once morning comes I hit the ground running and get back into the flow (and the fun of it) pretty quickly.


I am reading tomorrow night for "It's About Time" in Ballard, along with Felicia Gonzalez, Clareice Keegan and Peggy Sturdivant. Hope to see you there!


And the Skagit River Poetry Fest is coming up soon. I hear that Lucille Clifton had to cancel, and is being replaced by Jane Hirschfield as headliner.

I need to get my panels and readings prepared!


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Esther's Writing Works said...

Thank you for the reading, Peter. It's always a pleasure. Glad you're back blogging. Esther