Monday, May 26, 2008

I was googling to see how long it takes for robin's eggs to hatch. Answer: about 14 days. And then another 14 days or so to grow their feathers and fly away. I found this amazing site, where a woman posted daily photos of a robin's nest with three eggs outside her window, and took notes as they hatched, and were fed, and grew feathers, and flew off. Very cool pics: check it out here.


PS: I don't know why this robin's nest outside our living room window has me so excited. It's kinda childlike. But I check it out several times a day. And I keep a keen eye out for those god-damn crows.

PPS: I promise I won't write a poem about it. There are already enough bird nest poems in the world.


Kelli said...


I had a robin's nest in my tree and I was the same way. I kept peeking out our family room and my husband kept telling me to stop bothering them.

I was completely anxious until all robins had left the nest. I guess in a way I felt as if they were my houseguests or I was their birthing center and I wanted to make sure they had a lovely stay. ;-)

By the way, I had a dream about you and D planting roses. They were gorgeous!

Collin said...

Do keep us posted about the robins. It is fascinating. And thank you for not writing another "little birdie flying past my window" poem. :)

Premium T. said...

It is NOT childlike. At the risk of sounding sentimental and cliche, I will say that life is an amazing thing, especially when it's a couple of blue eggs in a twig nest! (And I too promise not to write any more bird/nest/fledgling poems!

Peter said...

T: But your bird nest poems are wonderful!

daun1919 said...

I am new on your blog. View some of your posting. I really like this post and your passion make me inspired. The robbins also looks really cute..:)

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