Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there. Our family is gathering at Mount St. Vincent later today to have a big brunch with our ma. Hope you have something special planned for you and/or yours.

Here's a poem I saw when I was going through the Verse Daily archives yesterday. It is just a hoot. It's called "Sestina Aguilera" and it is by Matthew Guenette, from his new book Sudden Anthem. I am not sure exactly what he is doing with the sestina format, and I wonder if some of the lines are computer-generated flarf. But I really enjoyed reading this! (sorry some of the formatting is lost here . . . go to the Verse Daily archives to see it correctly).

Sestina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has a blue
tongue. That scream you hear when you drop her in
boiling water is actually just steam
escaping her shell. She invented the word
agnostic in 1869 because she was tired
of being called an atheist

by Baudelaire and Mallarmé.
To wit: she is the only platinum singer who, at room
temperature, acts as a liquid. The odds of her being injured
by a crowbar are somewhere around 13%, yet in
coal mines that percentage rises to a whopping 75. The word
Aguilera actually means dreams

with one eye open, while the word itself tastes like cream,
which tastes like beetles, which tastes
like apples, which tastes like worms,
which tastes like sleep deprived. You
cannot fold Christina Aguilera in half more than 7 times, yet in
Iceland it is against the law to keep her as a fire

arm. Ditto Siberia and in a Boeing 747. When her wires
kink and cannot be straightened by a team
of skeptics, this is called dog leg, which she sings beautifully of in
a number of her hit songs, including Dirty, I Got Trouble,
Slow Down Baby, What a Girl Wants, The Way You
Talk To Me, as well as in her cover version of Word

To Your Mother by Sir Vanillus Ice.
Aguilera is the longest single syllable word
in English, and the only one that rotates on its side
and counterclockwise. As the youngest
Pope ever, (11 years old), she instituted one slot machine
per every eight citizens in Vegas.
Contrary to popular rumor, she keeps her heart in

her head like a shrimp or a pregnant goldfish. In
the Animal Crackers cookie zoo she appears
as 15 different animal shapes, including a herd
of red blood cells, lighting bolts, and the Nobel Peace Prize.
It was said she trapped the wind like a tired
man. The HOPE radio station in Sweden continually beams
her lyrics into space. A bylaw in Utah

bans her from unionizing or having sex with a man in
a moving ambulance. Or so it would seem on her
coat of arms, which reads: In the beginning was the word...
give me your tired, your poor, your huddled Aguileras yearning to be free.

Copyright © 2008 Matthew Guenette
from Sudden Anthem
Dream Horse Press


Premium T. said...

What a trip!

Pamela said...

I like it--and it does seem flarfy. But what do I know? I just wrote a Bart Simpson sestina.

In other nonrelated news, my peonies are gorgeous right now.

Peter said...

P: Your peonies are a few weeks of ahead of ours here! We still just have little buttons of buds.

Charles said...

I love it too.