Thursday, May 01, 2008

NaPoMo is over! And I made it through without writing a single *new* poem. Whew! Thank god. But seriously, I was impressed with those who did write so much this month. I was just not in the mood for it.


Looking forward to a little R & R in Palm SPrings this weekend. Dean and I are visiting friends who have retired there. I've never been there, and hear it is a gay retiree mecca of sorts. I'm not quite sure what to expect. But I hear it was in the 90's there yesterday.

One of the things I want to do there:
Take the Tram. A "must see" while visiting Palm Springs, you'll be taken on a genuine Swiss tram car to the top of Mount San Jacinto – 8,516 feet above the valley. There you are transported to the threshold of the 13,000 acre Mt. San Jacinto Wilderness State Park, with 54 miles of biking trails, cross country skiing, and magnificent views of Coachella Valley below.
Also at the top is an alpine restaurant, cocktail lounge, and a 22 minute film documenting the history of the tramway. Take Palm Canyon Drive north to Tramway Road near I-10(760-325-1391).


C. Dale said...

Once you two go to palm Springs, you are going to want to retire and move there! And I stood by you in solidarity last month and wrote not a single poem.

Peter said...

CDY: Yes. Maybe we could call the non-writing month "NaNoWriPoMo."


Joannie said...

After several trips to Palm Springs, we finally took the tram last October--and we thought it was amazing. Have fun!