Saturday, May 24, 2008

A pair of robins has built a nest in the honeysuckle trellis outside our living room window. There are now five lovely blue eggs sitting in it (this pic is from Google, I have not yet been able to get a good pic of ours). It is so fun to peak through the shade, and watch the female sitting on them each day, or if she is gone, to gaze at the blue eggs. There is nothing else in the world the exact color of robin eggs.

Dean is warning me not to get too attached. A similar thing happened two or three years ago. And it ended badly. One afternoon we heard the robin pair screeching loudly, and there was a crow on the nest, munching the eggs. It was very traumatic.

I worry for the robin and her little brood. But there is really nothing I can do to protect them. (I thought of putting a cardboard shield over the nest to keep the crows away, but that would be ridiculous.) Dean says maybe I'd feel better if I "wrote a poem about it." It makes me want to pinch him. ~grin~


C. Dale said...

Our kitchen walls are that color!

Premium T. said...

Peter! O you are lucky!

Diane K. Martin said...

The dress I wore to my niece's wedding is that color! (Good luck to the robins.)