Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dean and I were introduced to Royalty last night. What fun! As it says on the box: "Rummy meets Scrabble." I think it may be the beginning of a new addiction. Thank you E & C!


Deciding that poetry made him miserable and earned no money, he abandoned it for fiction. Net gain, zero. “In 15 years I published two short stories and no novels,” he says. “I failed miserably. Fiction made me unhappier than poetry!”


Tonight I am reading in Shoreline, which is where I grew up and went to grade school and high school. I am expecting a blast from past, especially driving through the old neighborhood.


Premium T. said...

Royalty sounds a lot like Palabra -- also very fun.
And in Shoreline you might not only encounter a blast from the past but a blast from the Arctic! Happy reading, Peter.

Kelli said...


I didn't know you lived in Shoreline. I grew up there too!

What part? I went to Meridian, Cordell Hull, and both Shoreline & Shorecrest high school (they closed SL my jr. year).

Peter said...

No Way! I went to Shoreline HS, graduated 1977. I think they closed it a year or so later. Were we there the same time?? K: You re not *old* enough!!

Kelli said...

Class of 1987! (They closed SL in '86, so my last year was at Shorecrest- boohoo).

I lived off of Meridian Avenue on 160th.

where were you?

Have you seen Ronald Bog recently? It's overflowing.

Peter said...

K: you have mail.