Friday, April 11, 2008

Hot Damn!

Rick Barot gave a great reading from his new book last night. And he also read some new poems; one of them, "Exegesis in War Time" blew my socks off. A close reading of a single sentence of Hemingway, made into two page contemplation of the current Iraq war. Amazing stuff.


Only about one more hour of call. I can hardly wait! It's been a long week.


Had a great time at the Human Face of Medicine class at UW this morning. It is always so fun to read some poems for the students, and to be part of the discussion about the readings from the A Life in Medicine textbook. Alice Jone's poem "The Cadaver" seemed to stimulate the widest discussion.


It is damn near 70 degrees today in Seattle. It is ABOUT TIME!! I thought Spring would never really get here.

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C. Dale said...

It is 79 degrees here in San Francisco and people are dropping from heat exhaustion. I cannot remember the last time it went above 68 here! I better call Al Gore.