Sunday, April 13, 2008

Looks like Spring lasted one day here. Sheeesh.


I am reading Jorie Graham's new book, Sea Change. The poem "Embodies" totally blew me away. But I am having trouble connecting with much of the writing here. I applaud Graham for trying to take on such an important topic: climate change, war, our perilous relation to nature, the planet. But the layout of the poems on the page, though very original, seems kind of gimmicky to me, and not really much in service to the poems, or the theme, or the mode of thought she is attempting. I'm not quite getting it. Can anybody 'splainit to me?



Collin said...

I wish I could. I think Jorie lost the plot a number of books ago.

Pamela said...

Peter, if you can justify the "line as brushstroke" in any of those poems, please let me know. I've tried and tried (despite my bias against Graham's newer poetry), and I just feel dumb as a doorknob whenever I encounter her work these days.