Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Medical Venus, Village Books

Had a fun time reading at Village Books with Rick Barot. We had a bit of a theme going: ekphrastic poems, love & death. We went out afterwards with a group of people to have dinner at The Wild Onion (?). Great food! I especially like the Baked Oysters Three Ways. Yummy! But the funnest part was seeing Oliver and Merideth, and getting to hold their new baby! Lucas is just adorable. A full head of hair. And huge for a 3 week old!

It looks gorgeous out now. I need to get outside . . .


An ekphrastic poem, for you (I tried this one out at the reading last night):

The Medical Venus
— La Specola, Florence, Italy, c. 1775

~poem deleted~


Collin said...

Love that poem!

Glad the reading went well!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the reading at Village Books. If the restaurant where you ate was right behind the bookstore it's "Fool's Onion." It's great.


Peter said...

Thanks anon. Fool's Onion was TERRIFIC. Highly recommend it.

Oliver de la Paz said...

Hey Peter,

Great seeing you at VB! And thanks for carrying and burping the MEGABABY.