Sunday, April 06, 2008

Call has been quiet. A mother-baby combo with an uncommon blood type incompatibility, and some jaundice, that was kind of interesting. A poor old Samoan man dying at home on hospice, and needing some MS. Not too much else for the weekend so far.

I was able to read some in Denise Levertov's N&S Essays, and Robert Wrigley's Lives of the Animals, and the Collected Robert Creeley, and watch some of the women's final four. What great games! Go Stanford: I usually hate them when they are playing UW, but here in the final four I am totally rooting for them. And then Tennessee-LSU. OMG! What a close game. If LSU could have made a few more free throws, let alone a lay-in, they could have won. Candace Parker was playing with a "dislocated shoulder" (it was probably just an AC separation) and so Tennessee was very vulnerable. Pat Summit just kept shoving Parker's shoulder back in place (hehehehe) and barking at her to get back out there and score!, but to no avail. Still, poor LSU could not take advantage, and they lost in the final four for the fifth year in a row. Jeez.

I can hardly wait for Tuesday night, Standford-Tennesee, Candace W. against Candace P.



Anne said...

I have a sort of "once-removed" family connection to the Tennessee program (via a family member's ex-partner), so I always have to root for the Lady Vols. :)

The men's championship was a heck of a game tonight! I spent my first decade in Kansas & my dad got his doctorate from KU, so I am a big Jayhawks fan. And, tonight, a happy one.

Peter said...

Hi Anne: Yes it was a GREAT GAME! I am really happy for the JayHawks.

I hope tonight's women's game is as exciting.