Sunday, December 11, 2005


Played Scrabble this afternoon with my good friend Jeff Crandall. We are very evenly matched, which makes it so fun to play against each other. (Plus we just gossip and squeal like flaming queens the whole time).

Jeff won 2-1 in games. The scores:

Jeff: 329-433-358: 1120
Peter: 375-385-339: 1099

Only 21 points difference over three games. One turn. So close.

Some of our bingos (a 7+ letter word, earning a 50-point bonus): PERIGEE, SWEATIER, JUDGMENT, RETINAE, BURSTED, VERDANT, LUSTIER, LUMINES (oops! a phoney), STRENGTH, VENERABLE. Unfortunately, my play of "SLOSHER" was challenged, and ruled as unacceptable. Why isn't slosher a word? One *sloshes* a drink. One who sloshes a drink is a *slosher*. It seems perfectly logical to me. ~grin~


Neil Aitken said...

I'm very envious -- I love this level of Scrabble play, but find it hard to locate good players in my area. Nice bingos too.

That VENERABLE is quite impressive -- was it built off of EN or did it just integrate a couple of pre-existing tiles?

Peter said...

Neil, I believe it was played through two other words, for the N and R. Let me know if you are ever in Seattle and we can play a game or four. ~grin~

My word verification: AQUAE. I'm not kidding.

Steven D. Schroeder said...

I'm the best Scrabble player in my family. Of course, that entails scores in the 200s. Yipes.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Have you ever played Squmble. It's a different version of "Scrabble." Very fun. It invloves spanking and German.

Just joking.

I like "Scrabble."

I might spend my last 20 minutes at work coming up with the rules for Squmble.

I'm thinking no more than 200 players.


My shiz-nit-verify is


Is that coke or cock or just an interesting word for Squmble.

Ah, yes. Achtung. Watch out.